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Adsense Matched Content – Importance & How to Setup

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Today I would be introducing to you a feature Google added to Adsense Account. Firstly, I believe you already know what an Adsense account is? So while I was trying to create an ad unit I noticed AdSense Matched content in the ad types dropdown then I need to find out what it is. Am very sure you too would like the Adsense Match Content after reading this post.

What is Adsense Matched Content?

Adsense matched content is a free recommendation tool that offers you a simple way to promote your articles to your site visitors. By making it easy for your readers to find the content that they are interested in. This can increase your site's page views, the time spent on your site, reader loyalty, ad impressions, RPM and ultimately ad revenue.
This feature is just like a related post widget installed for more user/visitor engagement on the website instead of leaving the page. A sample is here below in the screenshot:
Adsense Matched Content
This feature is not yet available for all Adsense publishers. To be eligible, you must have a site that meets Google-specific minimum requirements for traffic volume and the number of unique pages. No one knows these requirements except Google itself. Once your site is approved, you'll have access to the Matched content feature in your AdSense account.
This feature is not available for all AdSense users as having said but there is a way to know if you are eligible for this or not:

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How to Check Eligibility for Adsense Match Content

1. Log in to Adsense Dashboard
2. Click on the Ads tab from the left and to Overview.
3. Now go to By Ad Unit
4. You will have a list of allowed ad unit types for your websites there. If match content is on the list then you are eligible. If not then you are not qualified yet.

Would Adsense Matched Content increase my Earnings?
As have already said the feature is just something like a related post so the best answer to this is NO because it is not like normal ad units and Google won’t pay you when people discover other pages on your site through the widget.
Google’s aim is to encourage more page views, more ad impressions and eventually, more revenue for you by inserting one or two content ads. Ads to display will just be like 20% of all the match content stories.

How to Create & Implement Adsense Matched Content Unit

There is nothing new in this you would just create it like when creating a normal ad unit.
To create the unit Go to the Ads tab >> Overview >> By Ad unit and Create New Matched Content Ad unit. Choose an ad size that fits your layout.

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A popup comes after saving, just copy and paste the ad code into the HTML source code of any of the pages on your approved sites. Google recommend that you place your Matched content unit directly below your article (below the fold), and either above or below an ad unit.

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Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams
Ogunrinola Adams is a Web Developer/Designer, Graphic Designer, Blogger, Content Manager/Writer, Digital Marketer, and UI/UX Designer.


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