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How to Effectively Save Your Smartphone from Low Storage Space

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No matter which smartphone you are using: the phone with just 8GB of storage or a phone with a huge storage, you will reach the limit soon with a lot of things on your storage: apps, photos, music as well as games and offline map data. If you are running out of storage, your phone will work slower, and stop you from taking new photos, record new video or update apps.
I’m sure you have not faced this issue alone, so I’m writing this guide to help you and others, to understand more about your phone as well as expand the storage and transfer your data to the cloud.

Clean and Organize Phone Internal Storage

By default, your phone will use the internal storage for three things: the app and its data; system cache and app cache; and user data like photos, music, video and more. In fact, you can control all three things, and easy to clean the cache, remove unused apps, delete unnecessary files or remove any file you don’t need.
You can also move your photos, video, music as well as other important files from your phone to your computer with a USB cable. Simply connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and it will let you browse the files and copy it, or just cut (Ctrl + X) it to free internal storage. If you don’t know how to transfer your data, check out the Android file transfer tool and tutorial, it will help you to understand more.
There is an app named SD Maid, a free system cleaning tool that will automatically scan and clean cache, unused data as well as many other things. If you want to access to your internal storage, try the ES File Explorer, a free file manager app that allows you fully manage your applications, documents and other files.

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Expand Phone Storage with MicroSD card

phone external storageIf your phone supports MicroSD card, then this is the simplest way to increase your storage. Nowadays, MicroSD cards are sold for cheap prices and you are able to grab a 32GB MicroSD card for around $15.
If your phone does not have any MicroSD card slot, you still can use it to expand your storage with the MicroSD card reader from Leef Access. It supports micro USB connector, so you can easy to plug it into your Android phone and use it as an external storage with your MicroSD card. And in the upcoming Android version: the Android 6.0 Marshmallow, you will able to use the MicroSD card like internal storage.

Using the Cloud Services

cloud computingI think photos, video and music are three types of files that taking a lot of your storage. In order to save your internal storage, you can transfer your photos, video and music to cloud services, like Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.net.
With Google Drive, it offers you 15GB of free cloud storage; while Dropbox offers about 5GB of free storage and can increase up to 9GB with a few tips; and Box.net offers up to 30GB of storage.
So, if you would like to free your internal storage and want more spaces to save your photos, video as well as music and other files, I would suggest you to take a look at three ways above and make your own decision.

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  1. Hi.,Have a doubt., While if we put these all in cloud storage,how it is possible to pick one folder from cloud to our phone?so,that at a time we were not have any pc and all.how it is possible to save phone storage?


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