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A Quick Guide For Creating A Personal Website

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A personal website is not static it changes as you change. When you accomplish anything, you can add it to the website. Unlike paper-based documents that have to be updated time and again, a website just needs to be updated. It allows the visitors to see, at their wish, what you have accomplished. In fact, those who want to know more about you can do just a domain lookup, and they’ll get all the information that they ever wanted.

You Are More Searchable

With your website in place, you become more searchable. When people are looking out for you on the internet, they hardly get anything except your Facebook and other social media presence. But, if you have a website, you can find the much wider audience and also have more control over the content. It is a key to your brand and brings out your accomplishments in an impressive way.

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You Stand Out

Not many people have the knowledge and skills to create a personal website. In today’s highly competitive world, if you have your website you stand out amongst the crowd. It is also a reflection of your capabilities that you have learned few new things, and you can present yourself in a better way.

New Skills

When you lean website designing you are learning new skills that can improve your prospects. Even if you don’t have any technical back-ground, website design and development skills can help with a new set of skills that many other in your domain don’t possess. It means that you are a notch above those people.

Steps Towards Your Website

Once you are convinced about having a personal website, you need to follow the steps as under to get your website.

Start With Domain Name & Hosting

There are many ways to host a personal website, and it depends on the hosting as well. You can create a free blog at Weebly or WordPress.com or even Tumblr. But when go ahead with these options, you don’t get your domain name. The best way forward is to go to a self-hosted site as you get a more professional look.

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Register A Good Domain Name

While self-hosting a site, it is must to have a good domain name. You can think of it as your first name + last name. It is the best option for SEO and may be easy to recall you as well.

Host It

Most of the hosting service providers offer domain names and hosting as well. There are some very good hosting providers you can choose from, and they are available at the reasonable process as well.

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Install Apps

You can start with WordPress and set up your site. It hardly takes up anytime and gives you a website. For any editing just go the cPanel and from there you can do all the editing. Thus you have just succeeded in creating your website.

Wrapping Up

Once you have your website, you have to make it searchable, and once you are done, you have a clear advantage over your peers who don’t have it. If anyone wants any information that is not provided in the web site domain lookup will fetch it.

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