Why do I need to Upgrade to Window 8.1?

The latest window from Microsoft is now Window 8.1 which is an upgrade for other version of windows like Window 7, window vista, window xp and others.I was using window 7 ultimate before but upgraded to window 8.1 directly since last month and now I want to reveals what I found interesting in the new version of window that makes me stick to it and don’t even feel like downgrading back to window 7 back.
As have heard from some people asking what is even the new interesting feature in the window 8 that makes it better than others, I analyzed some but now I think I should go deeply into it.1. Boot Duration
Gone are those days when you would probably power on your computer and keep drinking glass of drinks waiting for your PC to complete booting. Microsoft Window 8 machines takes only 8-12 seconds to complete booting (depending on the SSD) compared to other version of windows. This was make reality by Microsoft Engineers combining the hibernation and shutdown modes into one for window 8 and window 8.1 uses a hybrid boot mode that enables the PC to startup quickly. The kernels lets it hibernate instead of shutting down completely and the use of cores makes it possible to startup in seconds. Therefore, I prefer this because the faster the PC starts up the more time been spent on other productive things.

2. Enterprise Features
Window 8.1 has more enterprise feature than other versions of windows, with window to Go featured on the Enterprise edition allowing its users to start a personalized version of windows from a USB or any other machine. On window 8 there’s a window store which give users access to download apps directly. Window 8 also has better support for managing mobile devices, with tap-to-print support via NFC and enhanced biometrics, malware resistance and encryption. Although windows 8 has more enterprise features as a default, Window 7 has the benefit of being tried and tested but further updates for window 8 has fixed many of the biggest problems.
3. Difference in Performance
The latest Window 8.1 is much faster and consume fewer resources than before. So therefore this makes it a better choice over other versions of windows. The increase in graphics and colours also contributed to the fast operation of the window. As far as have been using this Window 8.1, I can simple conclude that it’s faster and less resource intensive.
4. Interface and Design
The latest window 8.1 has been a huge talking point since it’s existence. The radical redesign has always felt more like two operating systems meshed together. When starting up the Computer running window 8, users are always greeted with a Start Screen i.e. a page loaded with app and live tiles. This Metro interface includes everything in form of apps, including the classic desktop mode that has proven to be the preferred view so far. Even the desktop looks a little different on Window 8, despite the fact that Windows 8.1 brought back the long awaited return of the start button. There are real UI improvements with window 8.1 which allow the addition of Start bars to dual monitors with separate wallpapers on each. There is also a feature for fast universal search tight there on the start screen which can be access by pressing the window button and type to search. The Search feature can also be seen or used on the desktop by simply moving the mouse to the top right hand side of the monitor.
5. Security
Security is a massive issue for both individuals and business users but as the most popular desktop operating system, Windows is sadly the primary target for malware and viruses. Although window 8.1 and 7 share many security features as both using Bitlocker Drive encryption, but 8.1 goes one step further by enabling them by default. You can also download Microsoft Security Essentials for other windows for free but it’s already installed in its younger brother. You can also download addition Antivirus like Avast antivirus, Avira Antirus, Norton Internet Security and Others to increase your PC security. Secure booting on UEFI systems like my HP 655 running window 8.1 making it harder for any malware to infect the bootloader. Also, Windows running window 8.1 can also automatically connect to VPN’s.
6. Task Manager
The Task Manager for Window 8 displays more information in a visual form, with information  in a visual form, with coloured charts for heat, CPU, memory, disk Network and also wireless consumption. There’s even a breakdown of how each program effects boot time. For the informative graphs and charts inclusive i would say window 8.1 is better than others.
7. Fast USB 3.0 Support
Window 8.1 support for USB 3 devices, any Windows 8-enabled device can now enjoy faster speeds of up to 5 Gbits on files transfer. Am happy with this as the faster transfer speed is always a positive thing for me but don’t know about you.
8. 3D Printing Support
Microsoft added native support for 3D printing in Windows 8.1, allowing you to send files to a Makerbot Printer straight from the Charms bar. It’s not necessary yet but, in the future, the ability to print 3D prototypes could be businesses.

Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Graphic Designer, Blogger, Graduate Civil Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur.

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