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Laptop vs. Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which one is Worth Your Money?

Comparing Laptop, Smartphone, and Tablet: Choosing the Best Investment for Your Needs

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smartphones vs tablets vs laptops

In every group, there is one friend to whom everyone comes for advice. Not for relationship advice, but for advice regarding what tech gadget to buy. I am that guy in my group! There has once been a time when the line between smartphones, tablets, and computers was very broad. Like computers weren't meant for running applications, smartphones came with a type pad and served one single purpose – calling (and sometimes playing games or music), and people weren't paying much attention to tablets due to their high price. But these days, the line seems to almost vanish. Smartphones are now being released with as much as 12GB ram, tablets with capabilities of handling desktop tasks, and desktops turning into portable devices known as Tablet PC.

With this line being almost worn out, it's quite necessary to learn about what you should spend money on – Laptop, smartphone, or tablet pc.


Laptop vs. Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which is Worth Your Money?

Unlike heavy desktops, laptops are personal computers that are easy to carry around. Laptops aren't fixed to a place neither they need a lot of cable work(which makes them easy to carry). The tech in laptops has advanced dramatically in the last few years which enabled them to give hard competition to desktop computers. I personally ditched desktops 2 years ago and started using laptops. As of now, my workstation has both desktops and laptops.

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When it comes to newbies, I'd always recommend getting a desktop instead of a laptop. Because I personally learned about laptop using my desktop PC. Due to my desktop usage, I have a sound knowledge of what hardware goes inside a computer.

But if you need something you can carry around you need a laptop. There are lots of windows laptop (laptops running the Windows operating system) as well as Macbooks (laptops running the Mac operating system) in the tech market. I will advise you to go for small screen laptops with foldable features instead of the ones with bigger screen size (tablet pc).

The laptop is for when you don't have to do tedious tasks like hardcore gaming (Gaming laptops) or running industry-standard software.

Pros of Having a Laptop

  • You can have a full-fledged computing experience despite the fact that you don't have to go through all the hassle of wires and other things.
  • Let it be gaming or office work, you can do anything that you could do on your desktop.
  • Don't forget that your device is portable, you can use it wherever you want! Coffee shop, bedroom, or office desk – whatever works for you! (and has an electric socket).

Cons of Having a Laptop

  • Even with the same configuration, Laptops are more expensive than desktops.
  • Despite being referred to as portable, these devices do carry some weight.
  • The costs of laptop repair are far more than that of a desktop.

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Laptop vs. Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which is Worth Your Money?

Tablets were once compared with smartphones because of their low specifications. But, with time, they are now competing for the end-to-end with even laptops. Thanks to the likes of ipad air, surface pro, ipad mini, amazon fire, apple ipad pro, windows tablet, galaxy tab (android tablet), and some other tablets.

Laptops took it one step further when they added portability to their feature. The tablets took the whole portability (size) to be one step ahead of laptop before. Now new laptops have small sizes and can even be folded into a Tablet.

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The main reasons people prefer getting a tablet over a smartphone(or sometimes even a tablet) are;

Portability: As mentioned above, the USP of tablets is lightweight and easy to carry around. You'll agree with this as long as you don't have a MacBook. Despite being portable, laptop do carry some weight.

Productivity: These days, with more and more applications being made for tablets(Android), tablets are fast becoming the choice of users. Primarily because tablets have a comfortable touch surface, added with a Bluetooth keyboard, it works like a charm. It might not offer as much functionality as a laptop, but definitely more than a smartphone.

Easy to use: Laptops are easy to use if you are in a coffee shop or have a proper surface to keep your laptop on. If you are in a taxi or walking down the road, you won't be able to ‘comfortably' use your laptop. This is where tablets leap one step ahead. Unlike laptops, they don't need space to be flipped out. All you have to do is to power them up and start using them. Rest, it depends on you whether you wish to work on a document or play candy crush saga.

Battery life: I won't blame laptops for not having a long battery life. With so many programs and functions on the operating system, it becomes very hard for a battery to last long. Although, this isn't a problem on a tablet. The majority of the tablets have more battery life than a laptop and last longer than how a typical laptop does.

Flexible: Increase the screen size, your smartphone comes near a tablet. Remove the keyboard from your laptop, it comes near the tablet. The point is that a tablet is somewhere between a smartphone and a laptop. You can use it for writing word documents, making video calls, and shooting videos.

Cons of Tablet

  • Some users are not much comfortable with touch screen keyboards. Although they can get a Bluetooth keyboard, still carrying it around takes effort.
  • Tablet PCs are not good for gaming.
  • The majority of the tablet doesn't provide a voice-calling feature(most of them use wifi connectivity only).


Laptop vs. Smartphone vs. Tablet: Which is Worth Your Money?

Now the thing that took the whole society by storm. This is indeed the most widely used piece of tech gadget in the 21st century. I can hardly recall anyone whom I met that didn't have a smartphone(trust me I try).

The USP of smartphones is their ultra-portability. Smartphones can easily be carried in the pockets. Small tasks such as reading a document or browsing the internet can be done easily with smartphones. Not to mention that you can shoot videos, listen to music and play games too. All thanks to apple devices, Samsung devices, and other mobile devices.

Pros of smartphones

Cons of Smartphones

  • For reading ebooks, the screen size might be a problem.
  • You can't do heavy or even moderate work on your smartphone.
  • They need a laptop or desktop to feed large chunks of data.

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To narrow it down – it all depends on what you need the device for.

Do you need a device for Office tasks or blogging? – Get a laptop!

Do you need a device for learning or reading ebooks? – Get a tablet!

Do you need a device for listening to music, chatting and browsing the internet? – Get a smartphone!

Before going for any device, make sure you first figure out what you need a device for and then buy one accordingly.

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  1. Ethernet I first bought my Sanding tablet it cost me a pretty penny. Of course it was a Sanding Galaxy Note 10.1(2014), but it was about the best purchase of my life. I really love it and it has totally replaced laptops and desktops. With 4GLTE connectivity it has also replaced my phone. S Pen technology is just incredible, and with full multi-windowing, multi-tasking capabilities, is smooth, fast, and at the moment, there is nothing out there as capable. With an Sdcard safely tucked inside I have a total of 160 gigs of storage, cnn p which is good because I have thousands of pages of sheet music stored that I display, as needed, and with an Air-Turn Ped I effortlessly turn the pages while I play my Yamaha PSR S770. These are the two best purchases I’ve ever made and I’d be a fool to part with either of them.

    • Hi Robert, it is great having you as part of our community. Note 10.1 was a great device back then but now we have more devices better than the device in Market. Thank you for sharing your experience with the best device you have bought so far. Hope to see your comment soon once again.

  2. Hi Hildee, I know that there are many new tablets coming out this year. Though there have been machines that have newer hardware than my Samsung Note 10.1 (2014), there are none, that I’ve seen till this date, which have equalled or exceeded it’s day to day real world performance. It just works-smooth, fast, unfailing, without the lousy touch screen optimisation the Surface offers, or the poor means of optimisation of upgrades to the system that Microsoft has used. The poor battery life of the Surface and Surface Pro tablets is almost legendary. Sure they offer more memory, and more ports, but lack so much overall that they’re not worth it. The IPad Pro offered so much in conjunction with the Pencil when it originally came out two years ago, but the cost of the Pencil has proven to be prohibitive. Most have avoided it for numerous reasons, excessive cost, easy to lose, easy to damage, etcetera. Moreover, the drawbacks of the IOS system and lack of optimisation for the screen on the larger IPad tablet are still with us today. Perhaps as soon as tomorrow, February 26th,2017, there will be a tablet that will excel, and equal, or exceed the overall performance characteristics of my Samsung, but it hasn’t happened yet. You should really try playing Relic Run, or Asphalt 8 on my tablet before telling me how good everything else can be. These and so many others are exquisite on mine, besides how wonderfully my tablet performs and excels in real world performance and productivity.

    • I understand that Samsung Note 10.1 is a great device but we will still welcome some new tablets that will be better than it in the coming years. Thanks for the great comment.

  3. Thanks Hiidee for sharing this amazing post. This is very informative post for me and very well explained about laptop, smartphone and tablet.

  4. For me Smartphone is in different way and its uncompareable to Tablet nor Laptop, but if Tablet vs Laptop I would obviously prefer to Laptop Hybrid 2 in 1…

  5. Laptops and Mobile Phones anytime, because phones can be used for personal and business too, laptops are more comfortable for use rather than tablets, mobile phones are user friendly just as surfing the web etc., in which in have optimized mobile view for my site, specifically because 80% to 90% of people use more mobile phones

  6. In the end, it really comes down to what you wanna do with each device. I only use my smartphone for some texting on the road. For everything else, I rely on my Laptop. Some people prefer doing everything on their smartphone and only using their computer for work. It’s all a matter of preference really. Oh! And we should mention that you can set up a Laptop like a Desktop if you know how to do it.

  7. Hiidee,Thanks for sharing .Very informative .Very well explained in details about them and their pro’s and con’s .You have made it easier for choosing between them.

  8. Laptop is best for me, Because its save lots of money and most of my work becomes very easy with laptop. I am unable to work with tablet and smartphone.


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