Tips on How To Save battery Life on Android Devices


Nowadays, smartphones rocking the Market in different Prices, Sizes, Specs and lots more but the most popular, most purchased and most used smartphone now is the Android Smartphones. If you don’t agree with that just add a comment of the most popular and used smartphone after this post.

I am an Android User and believes the smartphone running on android OS is still the best so far. These Android smartphones are made of different specs and of difference battery life but all the way we still need to know how to save our battery life for longer lasting.


Now it’s no secret that Smartphones do consume battery, some having almost embarrassing screen-on-tome. Those smartphones with luscious AMOLED and LCD screens are an obvious drain on your battery life. With this and what have gained so far using Android smartphone, I would like to present to you the tips have applied so far to save my Android device battery life.
1. Use of Dark Coloured Launcher / Themes / Wallpaper

save battery life on Android Devices-
I noticed when I used bright wallpaper or bright launcher themes there is an increase in how my phone battery get drained off. AMOLED screens also illuminate coloured pixels when using bright wallpapers or themes. Blacks pixels are unlit and the more black pixels in a pics the more darker the pixels, then the less battery you need to light them up. So the more you use dark launcher/themes/ wallpaper on your Android device the more your battery life is further prolonged.
2. Stop Auto Brightness
Mostly, Android device when bought would come with Auto brightness display but you need to get rid of this to save battery life. So it’s much better to set a super low brightness level that is still comfortable for use. Setting this would reduce how your battery gets drained off as the screen is one of the biggest battery suckers. To stop auto Brightness Go to Settings > Display > Brightness and reduce the brightness to a low level.
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3. Switch Off Vibration and Get rid of Animations
Try to Switch off vibration unless you think its most important for your need. But your phones actually takes more power to vibrate than it does to ring it. Turn off Haptic feedback too. Sure it feels cool, but it doesn’t add to anything to my experience so far and it’s another battery drainer. To Switch of vibration go to Settings > Audio Profiles > Click on Gear icon in front of the current profile you are using and disable all vibrations.
4. Short Screen Display Timeout
Set your screen display timeout to shorter timeout as it mostly also drains battery. For instance, when you are using screen display timeout of 1 minutes, it would use four times the amount of power to have it on than if you set your timeout to 15 seconds. So its better to have lesser screen timeout for your battery to last longer.
5. Turn off GPS Location
It’s better to switch off GPS location satellites as it mostly drains battery but you can switch it on back once you need it. Visit Settings > Location access and switch off Access my location.
6. Limits Amount of Widgets
Stop the widgets you don’t use or remove them from your home screen most especially the widgets that are connected to the internet like weather widgets.
7. You don’t need to be Online 24/7
Turn off your wireless, which includes; Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, Hotspot and Mobile data whenever you don’t need them. Try to switch this off whenever you don’t need them but if you use mobile data/Wi-Fi a lot, i.e. at work it is better to keep set your Wifi to Always on during sleep as this uses less power than to have it reconnecting every time you wake up your phone.
8. Manually Update Apps
Set your apps to update only when you launch them and also change Google Play Store settings to manually update your apps. It’s better to only have it updated when you do so, rather than updating automatically all the time via push notifications or sync intervals. Also. Make sure you set your apps to update when you wake it up rather than updating every 5 minutes which would increase in the draining of your battery.
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9. Choose when to synchronize your data
save battery life on Android Devices-
Turn off auto-syncing for Google Accounts. If you don’t need every single Google account updated every fifteen minutes, just go to your Settings > Google Account and turn off auto-sync for those apps you don’t need constantly updated.
10. Use your Battery Saving Mode & Turn Off Google Hotwords
If your phone has battery saving mode or power saving mode or other battery management option try to make use of it. Also, stop your phone from always listening. Ok Google voice searching is a better features but it helps in draining battery. Go to Settings from your app drawer and tap the “voice” heading but not all devices have this feature.
Once these tips are applied on android smartphones, there will surely be an increase in your phone battery life as it would now last you for long period of time more than it does before.

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