Downtime can ruin your website, but here are some tips for preventing that


It’s not easy to be a website owner nowadays. You have to face all types of challenges and un-wanted situations every day. You can prevent a part of your problems by constantly updating your knowledge, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep up.

This might come as a surprise, but many website owners don’t have any idea on what uptime and downtime mean and how it can affect their work. In fact, downtime can cause serious damage to your website and if you don’t know anything about it, you could find yourself in a difficult situation.


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In fact, these things are related to some website success elements: your ranking in the SERPs and traffic + profit tandem. Also, you can measure the hosting rating by uptime and you might have a wider picture when it comes to progress.

Let’s find out more about SERPs

SERPs is a tool that helps website owners keep track of their website’s progress. You will find your site through the software’s keyword rank checker. If, at some point, your website is down and cannot be accessed from various reasons, you won’t be able to see it through SERPs.

If the situation lasts over a longer period of time, your search rankings will be ruined. It won’t happen for the first time when your website faces this problem, but if you notice that SERPs cannot find it over a prolonged period of time you will have to take measures.

How can downtime affect my Traffic + Profit tandem?

Traffic and profit go hand in hand. When you are in the top ten, things are going fine and customers can easily find you. If there are times when customers find your website down and this situation lasts for many days, they will leave you and never want to come back. In this case, you will lose traffic and, therefore, profit.

What can cause these situations?

Your hosting provider is the one to blame for downtime, lost traffic and profit. Although most providers will promise continuous performance and 99.9% of uptime, not all of them keep their word.

Nobody will admit that there are uptime issues, because they know that this will cause complaints, handling refunds and so on. Of course, it is impossible to be up the whole time and some downtime is normal, but when you are down without having planned this, you could end up with some lost traffic.

How to prevent downtime damage

Online tools are a good way to check your website’s progress. Some of them help you prevent downtimes and other malfunctions because they allow you to find a provider which offers solutions relevant to your needs. In addition, you have the possibility to check the hosting provider’s performance and even keep track of your server and domain performance.

Adam Hiidee
Ogunrinola Adam Hiidee is a Civil Engineer (GNse), Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer, and Serial Entrepreneur.

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