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Upcoming & Latest Games that Require High Speed Internet

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For a large bulk of the Millennial Generation (and the human demographic groupings that continue to follow it), playing videogames on a range of sophisticated multimedia platforms is largely seen as a ‘way of life’ by many social critics. In addition to the rapid onslaught of novel film & TV Show productions, that happen to spew out of Hollywood (and its rival studio monopolies in other parts of the world) on a daily basis, these interactive and virtual sporting spectacles nowadays seem to occupy most of the free time of adrenaline-junkies (as well as the archetypal ‘couch potatoes’).

Upcoming Games that Require High Speed Internet

How High Speed Internet is KEY to the Modern Gaming Experience
The reasoning behind this discernible new-age, a self-entertaining trend is understandable. Who, in today’s fast-paced and unforgiving world, would like to pass up on the opportunity of engaging in exciting & fantastically-uplifting skirmishes with an intelligent (computerized) processing system – like the ones made available through the Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Gameboy and PC/MAC gaming consoles – as well as other competitive human beings who like to play furiously over networking-linkages. Since the majority of gamers prefer to engage in battle with their rivals over the Internet, it stands to reason that they intrinsically require a reliable & high-speed Internet connection to follow through with their intense gaming pursuits. On this front, conducting a timely Spectrum Bundle Deals web search can prove very useful in helping to distinguish between reputable Internet services and their more shady & misleading peers within the ISP industry.
An entire trove of upcoming game titles (which will be discussed briefly in this article), it needs to be acknowledged and anticipated in advance, will only be able to function well with the accompaniment of a high-speed Internet subscription, as well as a dedicated hardware apparatus that boasts the offerings of ‘heavy’ graphics cards and quad-core data processing unit utilities. So for any ardent online sporting enthusiast, who likes to seriously pursue his/her gaming regimen, there exists no other alternative to investing (whole-heartedly) in these electronic commodities.
As an avid gamer, 5 of the game-productions that should be on your wish-list for the 2017-2018 season (and a little bit beyond that) are listed as follows. We recommend that you pre-order these titles now, so as to obtain them as near their release dates as possible (before stocks run out!).

  1. Star Wars Battlefront II (Release Date: Nov 17th) 

The Star Wars fictional universe has gripped its fan’s imaginations on a global scale, since the arrival of the first film production in the futuristic, science fiction series in the year 1977. With annual merchandise sales (which include the revenues still being generated for DVDs, multi-console Video Games, Books, Toy Figures, Fan Art and cinema-ticket sales – along with an abundance of other related paraphernalia) in the 50 million dollar per annum range, the Star Wars phenomenon is largely considered by film critics and media analysts to be one of the most profitable and publicly successful film franchises of all time.
Star Wars Battlefront II is the latest inspired video game offering to arise from the series. Scheduled for release in mid-November, the gameplay picks up after the events of Battlefront I, where the notorious Rebel Alliance is seen to be waging an all-out conflict against the centralized inter-stellar governments and attack cruisers of the Galactic Empire. The storyline (based on the timeframe between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back) follows the exploits of the Palatine-loyalist Iden Versio, and her zealous Inferno Squad troopers, as they attempt to extract vengeance from the Alliance for destroying the Emperor’s latest pet project: the infamous planet-devouring Death Star battle station.
The game is scheduled for full-functionality on the PS4, Xbox One, and the PC. For multiplayer online gaming, EA Games (the celebrated Game Production Studio) recommends an Internet connection with steady bandwidth availability in the 10 Mbps to 24 Mbps range.

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  1. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 Deluxe Edition (Release Date: Nov 14th)

 Like its LEGO Marvel Super Heroes predecessor, the second installment in the series centers on the storylines of individual Marvel superheroes, as they are transported (after the assimilation of their respective worlds’ into the spatiotemporal realm of Chronopolis) to a new plane of existence. In the said fictional world, they have to team up to vanquish the existential threat (posed to the Universe at large) from the galactic Kang the Conqueror – who is able to manipulate both space and time to travel to alternate worlds and timelines. The game characters are graphically fashioned in the familiar LEGO blocks styling, and is filled with thrilling action-packed sequences and sound effects which cumulatively serve to enhance the entire gaming experience tenfold. Scheduled for release in mid-November on the PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, the game requires fast Internet speeds in the 10 Mbps to 24 Mbps range (easily attainable with the varied subscription offerings of several high speed Internet providers).

  1. The Elder Scrolls V – SKYRIM PSVR (Release Date: Nov 17th) 

The observation that the future of the video games genre rests solely in Virtual Reality technology may seem like a somewhat ambitious assessment in light of the contemporary gameplay environment, but with the riveting experience of Bethesda’s The Elder Scrolls V – SKYRIM PSVR, that ‘future’ doesn’t feel to be too awfully distant anymore. Scheduled for full release on the 17th of November, the game will be launched on the PS4 platform. With the protagonist armed with the arsenal of a myriad of powerful spells and combat gear (like swords and whips – among other defensive implements), the game requires up to 5 Mbps in stable bandwidth speeds to be enjoyed in online, multiplayer formats. As far as the release is concerned, Bethesda has decided to roll out a full gameplay version this time, instead of the usual bout of pre-release (short game) previews ‘dished out’ by most game production houses these days.
The SKYRIM PSVR happens to constitute the bundle add-on to the popular game franchise, and already has thousands of Elder Scroll aficionados clamoring to make timely pre-orders. In terms of Internet speeds for multiplayer (online) skirmishes, Bethesda recommends bandwidth speeds in the 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps bandwidth range – for optimal game functionality.

  1. DOOM VFR (Release Date: December 1st) 

The DOOM first-person combat shooting game series has managed to entrance its fans’ imaginations for well over a decade now, and features an onslaught of demonic hordes which attempt to lay waste to the human species resident on the earthly & other-worldly planes. The newest production from the series follows up with its action-laced and ‘morbidly bloody’ themed gaming predecessors, and is set against the background of the UAC Martian Research facility in Mars. Under the directives of a covert protocol, the last human survivor in the facility dies, and his consciousness is transferred to a robotic conduit with a mission to restore the research lab’s full functionality – and protect it from the non-human sentient beings engaged in the horrific assault. Scheduled for full release in the first week of December, the game is sure to keep its loyalists perpetually on the edge of their seats, with another round of show-stopping action.
Bethesda, the acclaimed Virtual Reality Game Production house also responsible for the Elder Scrolls V – SKYRIM PSVR installment (detailed above), recommends Internet speeds in the 10 Mbps to 20 Mbps range for smooth online multiplayer gaming sessions.

  1. Call of Duty: WWII (Release Date: November 3rd) 

Set against the many historic battlegrounds and painful rigors of the Second World War, Call of Duty: WWII brings takes the first-person and action-rich shooting experience of the Call of Duty franchise to new heights of war-mongering glory. With a brand new assortment of nifty weapon designs to choose from (which upon deployment feel more real than ever), as well as breathtakingly accurate portrayals of historic monuments and the usual ‘bunker scenario’ – the game is expected to take the gaming world by storm upon its initial debut. For multiplayer online engagement sessions, which are expected – quite typically – to be enacted in gaming zones the world over, the game production requires at least an 8 Mbps Internet subscription to be enjoyed without any performance lags.
So if you’re in the mood for some memorable holiday fun, or simply need to escape to a graphical world of boundless actionable possibilities, you should definitely consider saving up for these exciting game productions in advance.

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