How to Fix Not Enough Storage Space on Android Devices


Most Android users usually have this problem, but if you have not encountered this problem that means you have a large phone memory space and an external sd card of large memory as well, but the post is still useful for you in case you later encounter anything of such.
It was just like a surprise on my device with 1GB free storage space and still receiving insufficient storage space while trying to install an app from the play store and also same while trying to use my device Camera, but later on, I found a solution to this and my download and selfie-taking was successful.
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How to Fix Not Enough Memory on Installing Apps from Playstore

1. Go to System Settings and Tap Storage.
IMG 20150322 151625 - HiideeMedia
From storage menu, you can view your storage Disk left or unused space and those you have used as well.
IMG 20150322 151409 - HiideeMedia
2. Tap on Preferred Install Location
Screenshot 2015 03 22 11 08 09 - HiideeMedia
3. Now choose the disk where you have free storage or let the system decide.
It is advisable you choose the Let system to decide as the system would auto-download to where there is free space.


How to Fix Not Enough Memory While Downloading Files.

There are also sometimes when you would try downloading files, and you would receive not enough storage space, but you may have free space on other storage. I mostly encounter this using my Camera when my sd card slot is full, so it gives info to change storage space. To fix this if you also encounter this just:
1. Go to system settings
IMG 20150322 151625 - HiideeMedia
2. Tap Storage
IMG 20150322 151409 - HiideeMedia
3. Change Default Write Disk to where you have free space. From above image, I changed my default write disk to Phone Storage just because my SDcard is full.
IMG 20150322 151409 1 - HiideeMedia
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How to fix Not Enough Storage Space on Android

If any of the above didn’t work for you, then try to clear your cache. You can do this by making use of the Cache cleaner app or manually.
By Using Cache Cleaner App
1. Download Cache Cleaner App from Playstore.
cache cleaner app download - HiideeMedia
2. Install and Open it. Tap on start.
cache storage clearing - HiideeMedia
3. The app will scan your device and show you list of cache items.
4. Just tap on clear all at the bottom, but you can exclude some if only you need them.
cache storage clear - HiideeMedia
5. Go to junk files section too and do the same.

Manually Clearing Cache on Android Devices
There are instances the phone won’t allow installation of the app also so you have the manual ways to deal with it. If you have many apps, the easiest way is to clear the cache of the top 5 apps you do use most. To clear the cache
1. Go to settings >> App
2. Choose the App you want to clear its cache.
3. Tap on clear cache and repeat for other apps. But on some latest Android, you will have to tap on storage before seeing the clear cache.
Feel free to use the comment section to ask any questions.

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