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10 Reasons Why Images Are So Important for a Blog

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You’ve heard it many times that content marketing is probably the most effective way to grow your business and generate sales. But for maximum exposure and better results, your content has to be visually appealing. And this is particularly true about blogging. Findings show that blog posts with images bring much better results than those with text only. The use of images in your blog posts is crucial and there are 10 main reasons why.

10 Reasons Why Blog Images Are So Important

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Top Reasons Why Blog Images are Essential and Can Improve SEO

1. Better interaction with social media users

Social media is the most popular way to promote your blog posts. The best way to attract the attention of your followers in their timelines is the use of bright and creative images related to the topic of your blog posts. Posts with photos get a 35% higher engagement rate than posts with just text. Especially now, when images have become a big part of social media, they are a perfect way to support the title of your post. In addition, with their help, you can win more space for your posts in the timelines of your followers.

2. Posts receive more likes

If you use creative photos for your blog posts and share them on social media, they can often earn likes before they are opened and read. If an image brings certain emotions, a user cannot just keep scrolling without liking it. Have you ever liked posts only because you found the attached images funny or creative? Personally, I've done it many times. A number of likes will not guarantee your post will give you desired exposure, but it will still look more attractive for other users.

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3. Images increase your SEO rankings

Search engines prefer content with coherent structure and images. In addition, when you publish photos, you can also attach title, description, and tags to them – seems like a perfect chance to add keywords to your post. As a result, your posts become better visible in search engines and get more views.

4. Make the text better readable

Modern readers are not fond of reading a lot or they are just too busy to do it. Before they are offered to read something, they prefer scanning through the text and deciding whether it’s something they want to spend time on. In such cases, images are indispensable. They help a reader to see clearer what the whole story is about. To make the post even more readable, add a well-structured infographic with the major info at the top. Infographics are one of the most shared content pieces on the web today.

5. Support the ideas outlined in a post

When the post has a tinge of humor in it, some funny images can make it even more humorous. Meanwhile, some images can make the post look even more professional and business-focused. The key thing here is to use images that support the style of your post. Make them meaningful and memorable. Or you can use images that have educational purposes – such as infographics, graphics, schemes, screenshots, or illustrations. Sometimes, it’s just easier to show something visually that describe it in words.

6. More memorable blog posts

Images bring certain associations into your mind. With images, readers are more likely to remember information you describe in your text. Ideally, you could use your own photos and custom illustrations to make stories truly memorable. Or you will have to choose among the stock images, but make sure they look original and creative. Don’t stick to traditional images only – use graphics or some illustrations to make your blog posts even more appealing. If you invent certain classifications or create impressive graphics, they will make it easier for readers to remember your posts. Try to skillfully combine written and visual content in one post.

7. Bigger blog posts length

It’s normal when sometimes you just don’t have time or inspiration to create long posts. In this case, images might help you make your posts visually longer. As you know, people like detailed information and they are more likely to read your post if it looks well-explanatory and detailed. Images work perfectly well with short posts that only give some classifications, share some latest news, or announce some top products or services in a certain category. How often do you see posts saying something like: “Top 10 music events in London this year”? The descriptions are really small, but you need to scroll on and on due to the images used to illustrate each musician.

8. Makes information better understandable for beginners

Quite often, beginners are interested in reading information intended for advanced users. When they find some aspects too complicated and confusing, images might help a lot. Screenshots work perfectly well here. They visually illustrate information described in the text and are sometimes much easier to understand for new adopters of a certain technology or device. Such screenshots are particularly useful in some how-to-do manuals or DIY instructions. Even though they are not bright, creative or funny, they immediately let readers know that the text will be much easier to grasp.

9. Emotional connection with readers

Nothing creates stronger emotional connection than images. They create the first impression about your post. As soon as visitors land on your post page, it takes them a second or two to analyze the images you used and makes them willing or unwilling to start reading. If they are fond of images, it means you’ve managed to create an emotional connection with them and a positive first impression.

10. One more skill to show

If you are a blogger with some designing skills, there is one more chance for you to showcase your designing talent. Even some simple illustrations for your blog post will add up to your designing portfolio and make you a higher-profile blogger in the industry.

Now in short
Even if your blog posts are informative and well-explanatory, they may still look poor and boring. Add color to them, add emotions, and even greater informative value than words alone. Blogging is not just about writing – it's also about your ability to skillfully combine words with graphics so that they have a positive effect on your readers. Hopefully, your blog will see more exposure if you start experimenting with images, creating custom illustrations and graphics, or simply using creative and memorable photos.

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