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Business Ideas You Should Never Take from Successful People

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We have all heard countless stories about successful people. You cannot open your browser these days and be able to avoid them. Interviews, quotations or news about their latest endeavors. These people that are working and trying to change the world for a better place are naturally very inspirational. We want to know what they do, how they do it, what makes them tick, what they eat, everything so that we could become as great as them!

But About their habits to avoid?

As we all know (or should know) the road to success is an extremely difficult one. Most successful people started out just “normal” they had struggles and problems that most of us face every day. They certainly possess admirable qualities that we should aspire to achieve but let`s take advice from some mistakes they made in the process of becoming super successful.

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We want to be successful but some of their advice are not yet applicable to us. When you read something like “3 Things I never accept in business meetings” from a CEO of a huge international company please remember that he is in a position of power and can make some claims. This does not mean you should apply this to your small business or next job interview!

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Don`t Skimp on Your Education!

We know those famous stories about Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs being college dropouts. But this is exactly the point. How many more famous billionaires you know that didn`t finish college? Let me tell you right away that the percentage of ultra-rich and successful people that have finished college in comparison to those who didn`t is about 95-5%. Take Mark Zuckerberg for example by all accounts his programming abilities already far exceeded the level he would get in college! For the most of us, we need that education and it is a great investment in yourself! I know that getting a college degree is difficult (as it should be) but you can help yourself. When you feel overwhelmed with the amount of work you can buy term papers online in some subjects you are not very interested in and you can have more time and energy to study something you really love.

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Don`t Over-focus on a Single Problem!

There is a famous question that Steve Jobs asked his main designer. How many times did you say no today? The point being that he should be focused on just his main task and not have any other distractions. This does not apply to the most of us. I mean just try to say no to your manager while arguing you are focused solely on one thing and see how it goes (don`t actually it won`t end well I guarantee it)! If you say no too many times to your colleagues as well you will quickly develop a reputation of a non-team player. Instead, try to prioritize! You will definitely need to be able to multitask and to be resourceful. For example, if you are swamped in work and you need a presentation made or written hire writers and get some writing help. You will free your time for other things and get more things done!

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Don`t be too Impulsive

Successful people are very reactive and proactive. When they see an opportunity they like they will immediately go after it. They do have a “nose” for business and could often see hidden gems that others could pass up but it is not always the case. You should always keep in mind that they have entire teams of advisors of all sorts that can make their risky acquisitions into success stories. You, at least at the starting point, don`t have that luxury. If you research a bit you can find flop products and fail businesses from each of the companies that we today admire!

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What is the point?

Well, the point would be that you should always take these advice and inspirational quotes with a grain of salt. There are so many books and publications available which kind of actions and roads a successful person did to get where they are today. There are no guarantees that if you do everything right and “by the book” that you will reach their level of success. There are certainly plenty of admirable principles and qualities that you can take from them but you need to find your own path. Think of it in this way Colonel Sanders only became successful in his sixties when he figured out that there is one thing that he does better than everyone he knows and that is to make chicken! If you like writing for example and see that you are good at it write papers for money, write novels anything you like! So, find your thing, your path, and go for it!

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