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Amazing Features of Adobe Reader You Need to Know About

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There’s a reason why Adobe reader is the most used PDF readers among all. It offers a plethora of features that are not available on other tools. Despite the likes of Soda PDF giving tough competition to Adobe Reader, the latter has still not lost its top position.

A lot of new users have turned to newer software like Soda PDF, which is famous due to it being free and the fact that it offers some great features. But, we cannot deny the popularity of Adobe Reader, which is still heavily in demand.
When it comes to accessing PDF files, everyone wants it to be easy. This requires a reader to have a user-friendly interface and Adobe Reader seems to fit the bill.
The software is very easy to use and a person doesn’t need to go through tutorials or anything to learn to use Adobe Reader as everything is self-explanatory.
Here are some of the most amazing features Adobe Reader has to offer:
Automatic Text Reflow
It’s true that editing and deleting text in a PDF reader is something many PDF reader can do but text reflow is something which you will only find in Adobe Reader.
It is an option that auto-adjusts the text once you delete a part of it or add new text. This helps save time and energy.
Often times, when a line of text is removed, it leaves a gap in the document. It happens with almost all the PDF readers because they lack text reflowing option.
Prevent Content From Getting Copy Pasted
PDF documents can hold as little information as a title page or as much information as an essay. This can pose a threat if your file gets leaked. Everyone out there can copy-paste your work and name it as their own. This can be a major concern, but not when you have Adobe Reader.
Adobe Reader prevents this from happening. With Adobe Reader, you can restrict people from copy-pasting the contents of a file by restricting the access to the file.
This can be done by applying a password on the file so that only those with the password can access it.
Cloud Storage
Adobe Reader offers direct storage to cloud. To be able to do this you can go to their website and simply sign up. The perks of signing up with them is that you’ll get a cloud storage of 5GB for free. In case you need more storage then you need to purchase their cloud storage plan.
Even if you don’t make an account, you can still share files over various devices with ease.
Distribute Fillable PDF’s
With Adobe Reader you can create PDF forms without any trouble, removing the need to get documents printed and fill them manually.
The feature is called FormsCentral and it lets you conduct 50 responses on PDF forms for free. If you wish to increase the number of responses then there are separate charges for that.
These are some of the most amazing features that you will get when you download Adobe Reader. Try it today.
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